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They are Timeless. Classic. Vibrant. Kind.


They value experiences over things, quality over quantity, and believe that love is love no matter what.


We serve a very specific type of wedding couple who recognizes that if they want joyful, genuine portraits of the day, then they need more than just pretty pictures.

They need an incredible EXPERIENCE!

When you invest in Sarah Casile Photography you are investing in the experience!   


This is one of the greatest days of your life! The day you marry your best friend. The photographs you have from your wedding day will be there to tell your story to your children and grandchildren. 

These will be treasured heirlooms you pass from one generation to the next. Year after year, reminiscing that beautiful day <3 


With a bright and clean perspective,

I will be there every step of the way photographing everything from the tiniest details to the biggest moments.

This day is about the two of you! I want you to enjoy the day, with your family and friends, to have the most beautiful portraits that showcase your love and commitment, but also fully be in the moment and take in the whole experience.


To learn more about your wedding experience with Sarah Casile let’s set up a coffee date. We’ll go over everything you need to know and become friends along the way!




{weddings} start at $2750







Let's talk

531 Walnut St.

Blawnox, PA 15238

Call or Text: 815-953-9020


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"Sarah's work truly captures the love of family through photography. She is very talented and her great personality made everyone feel at ease, making our photo shoot a very enjoyable experience."

- Jessica B. 

"I have never dealt with a more patient, caring, nurturing photographer. She treats her "clients" as if they were her own. Sarah takes time, no matter how long, to make sure you are satisfied with her work. However, she ends up FAR exceeding your expectations."

- Lisa H.

"Sarah was wonderful to work with and was great with our children. She made everyone feel comfortable and listened to the types of images we were looking for. I look forward to working with Sarah for years to come

- Kate S.

"Never have family photos been such a fun, relaxing experience!  I felt like I had known Sarah for years yet we had just met. The photos she captured are just stunning and I will cherish them forever. I look forward to working with Sarah for all our future photography needs."

- Ashley A. 

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