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Welcome to my Vendor Referral Page!

This page gives us the opportunity to work together in the wedding industry. 


If you have a referral you'd like to share please submit their information here. For your referral - each referral that signs a contract and pays the retainer you will earn $350. 

Some ground rules: 


- Client has to be a new client in which I have never spoken to or worked with previously 

- If I am reaching out please make sure to obtain permission to do so from the couple

- You have to have talked to the couple about me and referred my name

- A qualified referral can be as simple as first and last names or as detailed as entering all their information

- Please be as detailed as possible. Wedding date, style, budget, etc. 

- The client MUST book, sign agreement, and submit retainer before your referral is successful and before I can pay you out 

- All payouts will be check, paypal, or venmo 

- In the rare occasion that more than one vendor refers the same client - the first vendor to refer them gets the credit 


Thanks for the referral <3 

Thanks! Message sent.

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