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Engagement Sessions: What to Wear!? Engagement & Wedding Photographer | Pittsburgh, PA

You've picked a date, a photographer, and probably a venue by now. These are some of the hardest decisions when it comes to wedding planning for sure! Go ahead and cross those off your list - Hooray! Now you can move onto the fun stuff...whoot! Like...your Engagement Session! Engagement sessions are a great way to "test" out your photographer and make sure that you are truly happy with your choice of photographer. What I learn from photographing you as a couple during your engagement

session helps capture the vision on who you are on your wedding day. It's also great practice for you as a couple and you'll feel like a pro at posing when your wedding day rolls around! <3

One of the more stressful things about an engagement session (or any session really) is "What do I wear" !?

If this sounds like you - check out these tips for outfits and accessories that will make any engagement session more stress-free!

1 - Don't try to MATCH....drop that notion right meow. Instead, try to choose outfits and accessories that coordinate. If everyone wore the same exact color at their e-session, how boring would the images be?

2 - Don't be afraid to be BOLD! Accessorize and make your outfits your own! Scarves, bold necklaces, and fun shoes are always welcome!

3 - MOST Patterns are actually okay! However, graphics (images or text) are not good for portraits. Unless that's the vibe you're going for. Like, a shirt that says "Engaged AF" with some cool shades, flannel, and chucks would be neat if your personality matches that. But a graphic tee with huge angel wings or like a comic book character are no-gos.

4- NO SNEAKERS! Can I say that? Oops, just did. Sorry not sorry. No athletic shoes, ever, never, no where near a photography session anywhere. Don't. Do. It. One exception to the rule is Converses (Chucks, Taylors, Chuckies, whatever you wanna call them) those are allowed. :)

5 - Empty yo pockets bra. Literally, empty your pockets. You don't want to have keychains, keys, phones, wallets, or chapsticks showing up in your pockets. I can hold your keys and phones in my bag while we are in our session. I promise to give them back ;)

6 - I shouldn't have to say this cause we are all grown - but NO neon colors. Nope. Clothing that is too bright literally reflects right back onto your face. And then you'll have neon necks, chins, and cheeks for your whole sesh. Ew.

6 - Bring TWO outfits. Most often, couples like to have one casual/dress casual outfit and then one dress outfit. This will give your shoot two totally different styles!

7 - COMFORT IS KEY. MOST IMPORTANT TIP RIGHT HERE. Make sure you are comfortable in what you're wearing!! Be YOU. Be comfortable. This is NOT a time to experiment with a new look you've never tried before. Haha! Just be yourself, love the clothes you're in and your confidence will be through the roof during your session <3

8 - Oh, also, relax. You don't have to be a pro at this! Your photographer will help you along every step of the way. You'll have a blast and it will be over before you know it. Be real together. Move together. Have fun! Enjoy this time and make a date out of it! Plan dinner afterwards and celebrate! ;)

Hope this was helpful - now it's time to rock out that engagement session! xo - Sarah

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